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Five Ann Arbor Publishers You’ve Never Heard of!

Ann Arbor Publishers

… and one We Hope You’ll Remember!

Are you into books the way we are?
Are you one of those odd people who checks to see not only who wrote a book, but where it was published?
Do you hope to get your own book published someday?

We won’t say we’re quite book-geekish enough to go around lifting the skirts of the latest fiction to see its knickers, but we do care about Ann Arbor publishers. You see, we’re not just authors, we also publish Ann Arbor books, and if your book fits our eclectic focus, we might even publish your book!

Getting your book published is truly an amazing experience. There are, of course, the vast financial rewards (did you know that the vast majority of self-published and small press books sell under 100 copies? We know that’s true because we read it on the internet). Seriously, though, the real rewards of having your book published are intrinsic – the pride of authorship, the joy of sharing with those you know, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, the accolades from people who you may never even have met.

What follows is a short list of publishers based in Ann Arbor, starting with the literary elephant in the room – University of Michigan Press – and ending with the bonus publisher, our own Master and Fool Press. If you know of a reputable press that we haven’t listed, please drop us a note in the comments. But be forewarned … we have have to change the title of this post!

The Big Daddy of Ann Arbor Publishers – The University of Michigan Press

The UM’s rather bland mission statement tells you most of what you need to know:

The University of Michigan Press is a vital component of UM Library’s Michigan Publishing, which is the primary academic publishing division of the University. In partnership with our authors and series editors, we publish in a wide range of humanities and social science disciplines. We champion the Library’s research and scholarly communication missions through our global digital and print publishing and distribution programs.

Together with our authors, we also play a critical role in the teaching and learning mission of the University by applying new pedagogies to the development of instructional materials that promote college success for students. To address the educational and information needs of our regional readers, the Press also produces publications on Michigan and the Great Lakes region.

The Press, with our rich history of publishing expertise, continues to lead in the development of digital scholarship and to support the dissemination of knowledge as widely and freely as possible.

The Most Sympathetic of Ann Arbor Publishers – High Noon Books

High Noon Books offers a selection of books for students who are reluctant or struggling readers, and those learning English as a second language.

High Noon Books can serve as a bridge between beginning readers (picture books and stories with only a few words per page) and standard text (as in a magazine, or schoolbook, or trade book). A good reading experience will hopefully encourage the student to read more books and develop a joy of reading!

One of the Ann Arbor Publishers Specializing in Health – Spry Publishing

Spry Publishing is a premier publisher of health books and media, offering valuable content on a wide range of medical subjects. With an extensive list of accredited authors, Spry Publishing specializes in educating both patients and healthcare professionals by delivering timely, relevant wellness information across an array of platforms.

Obscure, Charitably-Minded Ann Arbor Publishers – Eagles Nest Publishing

All they tell you is this: We will list your book on CreateSpace & Amazon, or your eBook on Kindle and Nook!

Warm and Fuzzy Ann Arbor Publishers – Loving Healing Press

Independently owned and operated since 2003
Not a Subsidy or Vanity Press (we pay authors, authors never pay us)
Willing to accept submissions from first-time authors.
Employs a world-class distribution network
Books are orderable from any Barnes & Noble store.
Uses cutting edge marketing services and tools
Praised by all our participating author

And One We Hope You’ll Remember – Master and Fool Press

You can read more about us here.

Have a great day!