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Jeff Kass

Jeff Kass

Jeff Kass teaches Creative Writing and English Literature at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor MI and is the founder and director of the nationally renowned Literary Arts Programs at Ann Arbor’s Teen Center The Neutral Zone. He earned his MFA in Creative Writing through the Stonecoast program at the University of Southern Maine.

Kass is the author of the award-winning chapbooks Invisible Staircase and From the Front of the Room, and co-author (with Scott Beal) of the teaching guidebook Underneath: The Archaeological Approach to Teaching Creative Writing.

Of his 2014 title My Beautiful Hook-Nosed Beauty Queen Strut Wave, National Book Award finalist Tim Seibles says: “These are the poems of many men who grew up in this country bursting at the seams with boyness, who did the best they could to grow into useful men – fathers, teachers, plumbers. Line by line, this book unfolds like a well made movie.”

His debut short story collection, Knuckleheads, was selected as a finalist by ForeWord Magazine as 2011’s Best Short Fiction Collection of the Year, as a silver medalist by E-Lit for Best Short Fiction E-Book Collection of 2011 and as the Gold Medalist for Independent Publishers Best Short Fiction Collection of 2011.

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