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Michael Erlewine

Michael Erlewine

Michael Erlewine has pursued a dynamic and influential path through life; aside from the books he has authored, he is noted for several other pursuits and accomplishments as a musician, astrologer, computer programmer, and internet entrepreneur.

As a musician, Erlewine was active in the early 1960s folk scene, and later formed the band Prime Movers, whose early members included the alternative music icon Iggy Pop. According to biographer Jim Ambrose, Iggy Pop’s time with the band had a significant influence on his awareness of art, politics, and creative experimentation.

As an internet entrepreneur, Erlewine founded the seminal All Music Guide, which was the online presence of the respected print version of the same name, and an indispensible guide to musical artists and the music business in its era. He also created other early 2000’s sites like

Erlewine is also a noted astrologer, with a twist: he created the first sophisticated astrology programs, and left a lasting impact on the entire field as a result. In the words of Noel Tyl, internationally known astrologer and author author of 34 books on astrology: “Michael Erlewine is the giant influence whose creativity is forever imprinted on all astrologers’ work since the beginning of the computer era! He is the man who single-handedly applied computer technology to astrological measurement, research, and interpretation, and has been the formative and leading light of astrology’s modern growth. Erlewine humanized it all, adding perception and incisive practical analyses to modern, computerized astrology.

Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Erlewine was long a familiar face as a resident of Ann Arbor. He currently resides in Big Rapids, Michigan.

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