A Hidden Gold Mine of Ann Arbor Writers!

A Hidden Gold Mine of Ann Arbor Writers!

Looking for great books by Ann Arbor writers?A pen for Ann Arbor writers?

Having trouble finding books about Ann Arbor in local bookstores?

Looking for an Ann Arbor-related gift for that book lover in your family?

You’re not alone! We’ve talked to lots of people who are looking for Ann Arbor books.

Locals LOVE Ann Arbor Writers!

In fact, we were stunned when we first announced the creation of our Ann Arbor authors page on the Facebook page for Ann Arbor Townies. The number of people who turned up with suggestions amazed us. They wondered about Ann Arbor writers of every sort … some very famous and some we had never heard of. Their suggestions and comments helped us add a lot of useful information to this site.

But We’re Not Sure Local Bookstores Love Them Quite as Much!

As Ann Arbor writers ourselves, we’re keen on making sure people know how to find our books and the books written by others who live in this town or write about it. As we talked about in one of our blog posts, it can be hard to find Ann Arbor books in our local bookstores. It’s because of that very problem that we created this site and the Facebook page that goes with it.

If You Can’t Find What You Want in a Store, Find it Here!

You can find what you’re looking for, whether that’s a writer who lives in (or lived in) Ann Arbor, a book about Ann Arbor, or a book that features an Ann Arbor location. If you know who wrote the book, go to our alphabetical listing of Ann Arbor writers and find the author name. If you prefer to judge a book by its cover, take a look at our online catalog.

Browsing Books by Ann Arbor Writers Here is Painless

While it’s true that there are a lot of specialty writers around – like those who write content for websites or blogs, technical writers, journalists and ghost writers – we’re focused on those who write books (fiction or non-fiction) and short stories. That’s one of the reasons why we created this list of Ann Arbor authors – to help promote their work and make it easier for interested readers to find their books. There’s no reason not to check out our listings, and if you prefer the convenience of purchasing online, you can buy the books from our store.

Can I buy these books at a local bookstore?

We have an definitive answer … maybe! Because it turns out not every Ann Arbor Bookstore carries books by Ann Arbor writers. Even when they do, not many make it easy to find such books. Listen, we’re huge fans of shopping local, and if you’d like to ask local stores to carry a book you want, please be our guest. If you’re in a hurry, however, you can always find books by Ann Arbor writers in our catalog and order them directly.

Get started today!

Is your cart still empty? Come on, we promise it will barely hurt. Take a look at our catalog. We’d be delighted if you helped support an Ann Arbor writer by ordering a book. If you do … please tell us how you liked it!

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