Writer’s Workshops

Writer’s Workshops in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Writers Workshop

This group has a maximum membership of eight active members, but is always accepting applications. Although the group’s website operates on a University of Michigan server, it appears to be led by book coach, editor, and publicist Jeannie Ballew, owner of EditProse.


Unfortunately, as cool as the story behind 826 is, the organization focuses primarily on workshops for students ages 6 to 18, and helping teachers inspire their students to write. As of this writing, they were also between workshop seasons, but you should be able to find the latest info HERE.

Ann Arbor Book Festival Writer’s Conference

Part of the Ann Arbor Book Festival’s annual fair, this conference is a full-day workshop series where attendees can hone their skills in sessions led by a noted group of writers and instructors from Michigan and beyond. As of this writing, there were no specifics about the 2015 festival available, but you can learn more about the 2015 plans HERE.

Emerging Writers Workshop

Do a Google search for that term, and you’ll find plenty of event listings, but no apparent central website. It appears the workshops were originally organized by Dan Wickett. Their site is here, but not often updated. You’ll have better luck either checking the local library’s events page, or doing a web search.


Meetup seems to be a hearty source of leads for local workshops. Visit the collected Ann Arbor area listings HERE, or check out the selected groups below:

Write On Ann Arbor!

This group currently has 91 members, and has met ten times. Their stated framework involves: exchanging ideas and sharing creativity, discussing members’ projects, encouraging each other, sharing goals, and holding each other accountable.

AABF Meetup

As of this writing, this group has 22 members, and appears to meet only in June, for the Ann Arbor Book Festival, mentioned above. It’s organized by the Ann Arbor Book Festival itself.

Southeast Michigan Media Lab

This group has 113 “labbers” and appears to be as much a blogger recruiting tool for Digital First Media as it is a workshop. In their words: “The idea behind the lab is to bring the audience in the newsroom”.